June 7, 2022
Dear Members and Friends of the Iliff Community:

This morning, at a special Board of Trustees meeting that I requested, I announced my plan to retire as President and CEO of Iliff next summer with my final day of service being June 30, 2023. Marilyn and I will be returning to the northeast, this time New Jersey, to be near our daughters and their families. At the time of my retirement, I will have had the joy of serving Iliff for a decade.

The greatest influence on our decision to retire is our daughters and their families. When the offer came to me to come to Iliff, Marilyn and I called a family meeting. They blessed our move to Denver. We arrived here with one granddaughter. We have since welcomed three grandsons. We are grateful for our family’s generous support to live and work among you in Denver. The time has come, with our ages confirming, for us to be closer to our daughters and our grandchildren and to be more directly engaged in their lives.

Marilyn and I love and respect this community. In the midst of serving it, we have grown. We are inspired by our students and their vision for the world. We are grateful for the hospitality of the relationships that have brought meaning and purpose to our being here. There is much more to say, and there will be time to say it. I look forward to those moments that will come for expressing thanks. Iliff’s board chair, Andy Folkerth, along with board leadership, will announce and commence implementing a transition plan over the next several months.

Right now I am imagining the year ahead and our work together. We will continue to strengthen Iliff in this era that calls to us and requires so much from us.

With gratitude for all of you,


Thomas V. Wolfe
President and CEO
Iliff School of Theology